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Clinical Scenario

The patient who led me to pursue this question was a 62 year old female with pain related to musculoskeletal problems. Medical treatment to date has included medication, modalities and rest (non-use). Problems identified (or PT diagnosis) include fractures, joint replacements, Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) , and muscle damage related to falls.

Clinical Question

Is Kinesio Tape effective in relieving musculoskeletal pain in the geriatric population?

Clinical Bottom Line

At this point there have been no studies that suggest that the Kinesio Tape treatment will decrease pain or increase pain free range-of-motion in my clinical population of geriatric adults with pain related to musculoskeletal problems. The most current literature related to Kinesio Tape suggests that in young people with acute injuries, KT may work a little bit better than Sham KT in restoring ROM and reducing pain. More research must be done in order to get a more complete understanding of the clinical effectiveness of Kinesio Tape with older adults.