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Diabetic Retinopathy

Kristen K. Apana, Pacific University

In vitro evaluation of natural products as anti-cancer agents

Brianna Cote, Pacific University

Computational Modeling of Surfactant Molecules at the Water/ Hydrophobic Interface

Bryan Kuran, Pacific University

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment increases neuronal nitric oxide synthase expression in selected mouse brain pain modulatory regions.

Samantha Ingram, Pacific University
Blake Larson, Pacific University
Jason Melander, Pacific University

When do insects breathe using the discontinuous gas exchange (DGC) cycle?

Tia M. Garcia, Pacific University

New Photosensitive System: The Photoactivation and Oxidation of a Gum Arabic Emulsion

Yuliya Panfilova, Pacific University

Leveraging Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a Basis for Western Science Education in Southeast Alaska

Krissy Remple, Oregon Health & Science University : Center for Coastal Margins Observation & Prediction

Spectroscopically Probing CuH-site Mutations of Peptidylglycine α- Hydroxylating Monooxygenase

Chelsey Kline, Oregon Health & Science University : Environmental & Biomolecular Systems

Synthesis and Characterization of Symmetrical Curcumin Derivatives and their Boron Analogues

Chasity Savella, Pacific University

The Optical Properties of CdTe Quantum Dots

Christopher Z. Eddy, Pacific University

Iron & Manganese Depositing Cold-Seeps

Wendy F. Smythe, Oregon Health & Science University : Center for Coastal Margins Observation & Prediction

First Memories and Sex-Related Differences

Danielle S. Meisner, Pacific University

Methane associated microbial community and activity in the Lateral Bays of the Columbia River Estuary

John P. Roque, Pacific University
Jessica Sweeney, Pacific University

The Reduction Potential of Silicon Nanoparticles

Hayley Johanesen, Pacific University

Model studies for the synthesis of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine

David Watrous, Pacific University

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Modified Ruthenium Tetraazoporphyrin and
 Phthalocyanine Derivatives

Kyle Hite, Pacific University

Computational Modeling of Lauric Acid Molecules at the Water / Hydrophobic Interface

Lars K. Holte, Pacific University
Bryan Kuran, Pacific University

Medictation: Attentional Control in Regards to Medication & Meditation

Blaise L. Holden, Pacific University

Presence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Manure-exposed Dairy Farm Soils

Madeline Lee, Pacific University

Discovery and Identification of Novel Phytoestrogens in Gaultheria shallon

Sean Iverson, Pacific University
Cameron Davis, Pacific University

Attractiveness Predicts Judgments of Sexual Orientation

Scout V. Northway, Pacific University
Ian M. Scott, Pacific University

What's Happening on Campus? Student Perceptions of Diversity, Conflict, Awareness, and Change

Dylan Vaughn, Pacific University
Samantha Cruz, Pacific University