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Effect of Polyamine Depletion on Parasite Proliferation

Dustin K. Paradis, Pacific University
Tamara Olenyik, Pacific University
John Harrelson, School of Pharmacy, Pacific University
Sigrid Roberts, Pacific University

The Encumbrance of Stress: Evidence of Morphological Differences in the Brain of Patients with Depression

Michael D. Weingart, Pacific University

Elucidating the Role of Ocean Acidification in Toxin Production of the Toxic Alga Alexandrium Catenella

Rachel Golda, Oregon Health & Science University

Impact of Changes in Hydropower Operation on Columbia River Chinook Salmon Habitat Opportunity

Mojgan Rostaminia, OHSU/CMOP

Investigating theAaccumulation of Chemicals of Emerging Concern by Phytoplankton in the Columbia River Food Web

Estefania Llaneza, Oregon Health & Science University

The Polyamine Pathway as a Potential Therapeutic Target against Leishmaniasis

Fernando Estrada, Pacific University

Comparisons of Campus Climate from Fall 2011 to Fall 2012

Samantha Cruz, Pacific University
Dylan Vaughn, Pacific University

Stop Setting Them up for Failure: Developing a Measure to Determine Readiness of Foster Youth to Benefit from an Independent Living Program

Hailey Oliver, Pacific University

Impact of Naturalization Efforts on Antibiotic Resistance in Freshwater Stream Microbes at Chehalem Ridge Natural Area

Nicole E. Heying, Pacific University

Diverse Learning Communities by Race and Ethnicity

Dylan Vaughn, Pacific University
Samantha N. Cruz, Pacific University

Specificity of Trans-Cinnamic Aldehyde for Cytochrome P450 2A6

Allyson S. Higa, Pacific University

Antibiotic Resistance and Mobile Genetic Elements in Beef Cattle Manure and Exposed Soils

Mattie Huffman, Pacific University

Preliminary Pre-Test Results of the ESPERE Program Evaluation

Sara J. Krakow, Pacific University
Dawn Salgado, Pacific University

The Effects of Priming Gender on Reports of Alcohol and Substance Use

Kathryn M. Sampson, Pacific University

Investigating the Diversity of Methane Associated Microbial Communities in the Lateral Bays of the Columbia River Estuary by targeting metabolic genes (pmoA and mcrA)

Mina Kim, Pacific University
Devin Fachko, Pacific University

Influence of Catcher's Mask Design on Select Impact Characteristics

Jordan Siu, Pacific University

Activation of CYP3A4-mediated Letrozole Metabolism by Ketoconazole

Stephen Black, Pacific University