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Synthesis and Experimental and Computational Analysis of Curcumin Derivatives and Their Difluoroboron Complexes

Kailey Paavola, Pacific University

Individual Differences in Face Perception

Ian M. Scott, Pacific University

The effects of stroboscopic vision training on a task performance and retention

Meghann O. Gini, Pacific University

Confirmation of glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons expressing nitric oxide synthase in pain-modulatory regions of the rostral ventromedial medulla

Sean R. Tachibana, Pacific University

Neurochemical identification of pain-modularly projection of neurons from the parabrachial region to the rostral ventromedial medulla

Lacey Hallquist, Pacific University

Validity, Reliability, and Effectiveness of a Physical Activity Monitoring Device.

Michael S. Gundle, Pacific University
Edgar Rincon, Pacific University

The effects of media on body-image satisfaction in university students: Exercisers vs. non-exercisers

Jasmine K. Dudley, Pacific University

Gene Expression of the Cytochrome P450 2A6 recombinant system

Mandeep S. Nagi, Pacific University

The effect of polyamine depletion on parasite proliferation

Dustin K. Paradis, Pacific University

The Impact of a Video Self-Modeling Program on Collegiate Soccer Players’ Self-Regulation for Learning Soccer

Taylor Gillespie, Pacific University
Rana Wildgrube, Pacific University

Progress Towards Optical Limiting in Photonic Crystal Fibers Coated with Ag-Nanoparticles

Jonathan M. Park, Pacific University

Free Radical Effect on the Quantum Yield of Silicon Nanoparticles

Rylie J. Ellison, Pacific University

Comparison Studies of Fluorescent Lifetimes Exhibited by Quantum Dots

Shannon Stahl, Pacific University

An assessment of the diversity and abundance of methane-associated microorganisms in the Columbia River Estuary

Mina Kim, Pacific University
Kaela L. Jenkins, Pacific University

Human pantothenate kinase silencing by siRNA in HeLa cells

Megan Chalupsky, Pacific University

Investigating the use of combinatorial dietary phytochemicals as an alternate to conventional chemotherapeutics

Kamryn T. Plechot, Pacific University