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Mind the Gap: Women and Men Present Similar Concerns in Community Mental Health Settings

Colin Scott, Pacific University
CJ Young, MS, Pacific University

Implementation of a new smoking and tobacco use policy: Impact on attitudes and behaviors of a university community

Rachel M. Char, Pacific University

Sequence analysis of Class-1 integrons from farm soil DNA samples

Dao Nguyen, Pacific University

Do Induced Mating Goals Increase the Liking of Designer Products?

Makai A. Nance, Pacific University

Drug-Drug Interactions With Letrozole and Azole Ring Containing Compounds

Zachary Mullenax

The Effect on mitochondrial DNA deletion on stress tolerance and lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes

Cameron M. Chow, Pacific University
Carly Percell, Pacific University

Entrepreneurship and Social Action Among Youth in American Sāmoa

Aaron JR Ferguson, Pacific University

Making Change: Does Game Education Improve Youths' Learning Skill Sets?

Amy VanderZanden, Pacific University

Effect of Silver Nanoparticles Sensing Volume on the Detection of Analytes

Yeonkyeong Kim

Variance in CFTR Mutation and Progression of Disease Affect Effectiveness of CF Treatment

Kylie K.T. Yamada, Pacific University

Effect of Wolbachia on the Reproductive Output of Field Collected Drosophila melanogaster

Helen M. Donelick, Pacific University
Jamie L. Steach, Pacific University

Enhanced Optical Limiting in Solid Core Photonic Crystal Fibers with Silver Nanoparticles

Jonathan M. Park

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation: An Effective Treatment Option for Clostridium difficile Infection

Kaila R. Bentinck, Pacific University

Creating a Restorative Room and Resources for the Inukai Boys & Girls Club

Tyler Gilmore

Young Adult Attitudes Towards Contraceptive Use in Ecuador

Katherine J. Tougas, Pacific University

Over-Expression of Cytochrome P450 4A1 in a Bacterial System

Erin Yoshida, Pacific University

Rapid Evolution of Dispersal in Invasive Toad

Mary A. Mackey, Pacific University

Behavioral Modification using Animal-Assisted Activity with Child Residents of Domestic Violence Shelters

Michelle Smith, Pacific University
Jhoevhana Sabado, Pacific University
April Knowlton, Pacific University
Lenore Ribera, Pacific University
Hannah Olson, Pacific University

Teaching Beginning Bow Hold: A Comparison of Two String Pedagogy Approaches

Anastasiya Gavrilovich, Pacific University
Tyler Goldman, Pacific University