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Prevalence of Wolbachia Infections in Colorado Mosquitoes and Phylogenetic Analysis of Wolbachia

Kelsey Lee, Pacific University

Comparison between different models for CYP2D6 phenotype frequency

Man T. Thai, Pacific University

Understanding the products of the bisulfite reaction with two types of cytidine

Helen M. Donelick, Pacific University

CRIPR/Cas9 as a Treatment for HPV induced Cancer.

Kyle Cochran, Pacific University

PCR-based testing for Escherichia coli DNA in samples from two Chehalem Ridge Natural Area streams

Kelle Miyama, Pacific University

First Generation College Students' Knowledge, Attitude, and Barriers about Mental Health Services

Ashley N. Eddy, Pacific University
Julia L. Wengeler, Pacific University

Fungal Metabolism of PAHs in Street Sweepings

Brianda Alcazar, Pacific University

Antibiotic Resistance Gene Profiles Among Soil and Manure Bacterial Communities

Eleanor Thaler, Pacific University
Jamie Steach, Pacific University

The Role of Habitat Specialization in Phylogeographic Divergence: A Comparison Of Three Lizard Species

Giang T. Nguyen,
Nolan Endicott, Pacific University

Canine Sensory Cognition and How Man's Best Friend Can Save Your Life

Makai A. Nance, Pacific University

Impact of Variable Oxygen in the Presence of Ocean Acidification Conditions on Larval Development of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Erich von Trapp, Pacific University

Evolutionary History of Selection Pressures Affecting Alcohol Dehydrogenase in Homo sapiens

Kellan McNamara, Pacific University

Architectural Tile Installation: Water as an Inspiration and a Medium

Alina M. Button Ms, Pacific University

Re-Purposing FDA-approved Raloxifene to Target Apoptotic Proteins in KRAS-mutant Pancreatic Cancer

Ellyssa N. Szlavich
Jordan B. McCreary, Pacific University
Heather E. True, Pacific University
Ana G. Serrato, Oregon State University

Is Social Media an Effective Tool for Communicating Health Information? A Content Analysis of Pinterest

Rachel Fiegenbaum, Pacific University
Dominick Post, Pacific University

Enumeration of Total Aerobic Heterotrophic Bacteria at Chehalem Ridge Natural Area

Janelle Sabugo

A Game Changer: Using Game Education to Enhance Youth's Learning Skill Sets and Maker Identities

Kaitlyn M. Lomartire, Pacific University
Sophie M. Rice, Pacific University
Erica Kleinknecht Ph.D, Pacific University

Here comes the sun: Autobiographical memory frame as a function of ambient temperature

Tyler Boulanger, Pacific University
Malala Noraddin, Pacific University

Music for a short film

Allison D. Jones, Pacific University

Here comes the sun? Autobiographical Memory Frame as a Function of Metaphorical Temperature

Chloe Chambers, Pacific University
Chloe Chambers

A Content Analysis of NSPC String Project Websites: Mission Statement vs. Online Resources

Mikela Rayburn, Pacific University
Erin Rothweiler, Pacific University

Campus Factors that Influence College Student's Understanding of Mental Health

Pali Kaloi Jordan, Pacific University
Alicia E. Vasquez, Pacific University

Identifying Metabolic Heterogeneity in Pancreatic Cancer Cells using Fluorogenic Probes

Claire Pillsbury, Pacific University

Developing A Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometric Method for Nicotine Metabolism to Facilitate Drug Discovery for Smoking Cessation

Stephen Black, Pacific University
Paul Joseph, Pacific University School of Pharmacy