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Efficiency of gene drive constructs in mosquito populations using CRISPR/Cas 9 gene editing system

Layla Corona

How Important are Polyamines for the Survival of Leishmania Parasites?

Kristen Turcu

The Nonconformity of the Queer Community in a Heteronormative Society

Cyn Kealoha

Investigating the Green Chemistry Claims of Bio-based Plastic by Determining Chemical Migration During Simulated Food Contact

Sydney Virgen
Lillian Smith

Identity, Music, and Political Preference

Byron Blandford

Validation of leukemia neoantigens and minor histocompatibility antigens for use in acute myeloid leukemia T cell immunotherapy

Brian Face

Sexually Explicit Materials & Prototypical Models of Intimacy

Margaret Anne Lindner, Pacific University

Trump Affect

Bree Malloy, Pacific University
Jojo Miller, Pacific University

Computational Investigation of the Thermal Stability of Protein-Small Molecule Complexes

Kory Melton, Pacific University
Nate Olowo, Pacific University

Molecular modeling of amphipathic molecules at an organic/water interface in the presence of divalent cations

Todd Brad Martin Jr., Pacific University

What causes people to dislike certain genres of music?

Xavier Harvey

Mate recognition by olfaction in a songbird

Passina Abe, Pacific University
Emily Geddes, Pacific University
Katherine Woodruff, Pacific University

Integron Abundance in Soil and Manure after Exposure to Antibiotics

Stanley R. Plucinik

Investigation of Polymer Filled Capillary Waveguides for Self-Healing Systems

Derek M. Thomson, Pacific University

Creating a Smartphone-Enabled Portable Nanoparticle Sensor

Geneva Diepenheim

Territorial aggression in the Riverside Wren determined through duet song choice and behavioral response to conspecific playback

Lauren H. Lykins, Pacific University
Esmeralda Quirós-Guerrero, St. Andrews University

Mapping Protein Repertoire Within the Cell

Krista Cave

Impact Abrasion Studies of Textiles for Motorcycle Clothing

Weli Alamillo, Pacific University

Using Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance to Examine Interfacial Effects on Environmental Electron Transfer Mediators

Nick Slenning
Nancy Nguyen, Pacific University

In vitro assessment of natural products as chemotherapeutics in various reproductive cancers

Nichelle Chang