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Detection and Deduction: A study in the history of Sherlock Holmes

Tailor Dolgin

Repurposing raloxifene to target mitochondrial cell death pathways in pancreatic cancer cells: exploring genetic selectivity of drug response in preclinical models

Heather E. True, Pacific University
Quintin Love, Pacific University

Repurposing the FDA-approved raloxifene to potentiate gemcitabine cytotoxicity in pancreatic cancer

Jessica Trinh
Quintin Love, Pacific University
Heather E. True, Pacific University

Language as a Predictor of Music Formation, Preference, and Appreciation

Monica E. Vinson, Pacific University

The Dynamics of the Creative Paradox: Resisting Creativity

Cordet C. Gula, Pacific University

Muscular Christianity: A religious ideology and its effects on sport preferences

Stephenie Spencer

Refining Migration Tests for Phthalate Additives in Bio-Plastics

Alyssa Burns

Collaboration on an Experimental Film

Emmalena Schulte

Development of microsatellite markers to characterize population connectivity in two Pacific Northwest amphibians

Sadie Parker, Pacific Univeristy
Owen Fortney, Pacific University

Abnormal Repetitive Behavior Pre- and Post-Pups in Two Captive North American River Otters

Emmeline Win, Pacific University
Brook Smith, Pacific University

Exploratory Methods and Data

Tiaalea M. Tupuola, Pacific University

Cross-Cultural Examination of Physical Attractiveness

Alexa Backanen-Lawer

How are Positive and Negative Family Circumstances Represented in the writing samples of Incarcerated Youth?

Karla Cruz

Walking while you work: Exploring the use of treadmill desks on perceptions of satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

Mikaela Bernards

The binding of alpha-alkyl analogs of trans-cinnamic aldehyde to cytochrome P450 2A6

Tia Uehara
Hung Nguyen

Do Song Sparrows in Fernhill Wetlands Share Songs with Their Neighbors?

Ariela Bali
Christopher N. Templeton, Pacific University

Measuring the Quantum State of Stored Light

Eric LeVally
Kevin McGee
Andrew Dawes

Determination of Nucleotide Location Using Hydroxyl Radicals

Maddy Griswold, Pacific University
Bill Cao, Boston University

Assessing the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Inactivation of Cytochrome P450 2A6 by Transcinnamic Aldehyde

Casey Johnston 8538798, Pacific University

In vitro combinatorial delivery of phytochemicals for the mitigation of doxorubicin induced cardiotoxicity associated with cancer therapy

Arthur Nguyen
Karen Seo, Pacific University
Deepa Rao, Pacific University