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Download Arena Theatre Plan (349 KB)

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Download Rope Set System (139 KB)

Download Mechanical Advantage (239 KB)

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Download Modern Ellipsoidal Fixture (1.2 MB)

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Download Edison Connector, Twist-Lock Connector, and Stage Pin Connector (65 KB)

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Download Lighting Control Console (914 KB)

Download LED Fixture (228 KB)

Download Moving Light (261 KB)

Download Moving Mirror Light (259 KB)

Download Common Sound Connectors (196 KB)

Download Color Wheel (207 KB)

Download Color Wheel for Light or Pigment (405 KB)

Download Variety of Paintbrushes (170 KB)

Download Creating Fake Woodgrain (992 KB)

Download Faux Stone Surface (548 KB)

Download Light and Shadow Enhancement (101 KB)


An Introduction to Technical Theatre draws on the author’s experience in both the theatre and the classroom over the last 30 years. Intended as a resource for both secondary and post-secondary theatre courses, this text provides a comprehensive overview of technical theatre, including terminology and general practices.

Introduction to Technical Theatre’s accessible format is ideal for students at all levels, including those studying technical theatre as an elective part of their education. The text’s modular format is also intended to assist teachers approach the subject at their own pace and structure, a necessity for those who may regularly rearrange their syllabi around productions and space scheduling.



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An Introduction to Technical Theatre