Date of Award


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Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (MSCP)

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Jennifer Antick, PhD


There is some evidence that individuals with fertility problems report lower levels of resilience. However, with only one other empirical study examining the relationship between resilience and fertility problems, the investigators of this study were interested in whether a similar relationship would be found when a non-clinical population was surveyed. A total of 322 participants (208 with a history of fertility problems and 114 with no history of fertility problems) completed a brief online questionnaire comprised of demographic items, a resilience measure (Brief Resilience Scale), a coping strategies measure (Brief COPE), and a measure of general distress (General Health Questionnaire). The investigators found that individuals in the history of fertility problems group had significantly lower levels of resilience (t(320) = -5.863, p = .000) and higher levels of general distress (t(314) = 5.001, p = .000) compared with the no history of fertility problems group. These findings emphasize the need for health professionals to consider whether individuals with fertility problems are sufficiently supported through the process. Suggestions for future research are included.


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