Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

Committee Chair

Jon Frew, PhD, ABPP

Second Advisor

Jay Thomas, PhD, ABPP

Third Advisor

Michel Hersen, PhD, ABPP


The debate concerning the evidence-based practice movement is reviewed in this dissertation. It includes a discussion about the implications of this movement on process-oriented therapies, particularly Gestalt therapy. The present research is on the application of an innovative method for evaluating process in research on non-manualized therapies like Gestalt therapy. Using the Psychotherapy Process Q-Set, a panel of expert Gestalt therapists expressed their opinions on what psychotherapy processes listed in this measure are most and least characteristic of Gestalt therapy. Using Q-sort methodology, a prototype of ideally conducted Gestalt therapy was created based on the experts’ opinions. This dissertation concludes with a discussion of how this prototype is similar to and different than prototypes created in previous research for cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and psychodynamic psychotherapies. Suggestions for how the prototype could be used to advance research on Gestalt therapy are also provided.


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