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The WISC-IV introduced two new subtests, Matrix Reasoning (MR) and Picture Concepts (PC). The present study intends to address the need for independent evaluation of construct validity, particularly as it relates to reports that both of these presumed nonverbal reasoning measures may be impacted by verbal mediation and verbal skills. The present study included a community sample of 76 children ranging in age from 6 to 16 years. It was primarily hypothesized that MR and PC would be more closely related to a measure of verbal abilities from the WISC-IV (Similarities subtest) than to a measure of visuo-spatial skills, Beery’s VMI. These hypotheses were not supported, however, and a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of this study, as well as implications for future research, is presented. Specifically, the present results suggest that the Matrix Reasoning subtest in particular may be impacted by visual abilities more than verbal abilities.


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