Date of Award


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Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (MSCP)

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Tamara E. Tasker, Psy.D.


The present study aimed to examine whether non-athlete students and faculty hold negative stereotypes toward student-athletes in a university setting. Whether raters’ own frequency of sports-related behavior is related to negative stereotypes toward student-athletes is also of interest. One hundred and fifty-five participants (113 females, 42 males) completed a demographics questionnaire and an online attitude survey for either a “student” attitude target or a “student-athlete” attitude target. The data indicate that non-athlete students and faculty reported significantly lower average negative attitudes toward student-athletes than compared to students with effect sizes ranging from small (η2 = .06) to very large (η2 = .31). Gender and frequency of sports-related behavior do not appear to affect participant attitudes towards student-athletes. Limitations for the generality of these findings are also discussed


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