Date of Award


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Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (MSCP)

Committee Chair

Lisa R. Christiansen, Psy.D.


Clinically significant change is an important aspect of the therapeutic process. Computing significant change allows for measurement of client progress beyond clinical judgment. In this study, four methods of reliable change and clinical significance were compared using a sample of 395 individuals who attended psychotherapy in a clinical setting. Differences in classification were found between methods; this suggests that the method chosen to determine reliable change and clinical significance plays a factor on estimates of meaningful change. Consistent with prior outcome studies, the Jacobson and Truax method (Jacobson & Truax, 1991) provided a moderate estimate of reliable change and clinical significance and therefore is recommended for use in future outcome studies. Future research is necessary to combine client satisfaction with treatment outcome using a standardized measure in order to consider more factors when considering treatment outcomes.


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