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Purpose: To determine the feasibility of collecting accurate, continuous accommodative data during reading.

Methods: Real-time accommodative measures were measured on nine subjects (5 female, 4 male) under three conditions while accommodative measurements were collected at 5 Hz with the Grand Seiko WAM-5500 open-field autorefractor. The first two conditions tested ability of the auto-refractor to measure accommodative response with peripheral gaze: one with distant targets and the other with near targets. The third condition involved reading from an electronically-presented text.

Results: Accommodative response, allowing for expected accommodative lag, was measured within 0.25 D of expected clinical values during reading in a 3-line vertical, 15-degree horizontal window.

Conclusions: Within the 15º visual angle range, open-field autorefraction is able to accurately measure the real-time accommodative response to within 0.25 D.

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