Vision and 3D


The Vision Performance Institute is the research arm of the College of Optometry at Pacific University. Together they have partnered to perform necessary research, in coordination with clinical care, to improve the human 3D viewing experience.

The virtual 3D environment provides many unique challenges to the visual system, including vision and/or vertigo-related symptoms. There is much yet to be known about the interaction between the human visual system and the virtual 3D environment created by 3D displays. Our primary research objective is to gain an understanding of the major underlying causes of either a poor viewing experience or health-related symptoms, and to be able to guide clinical care and the 3D industry to optimal solutions.

The fifth annual Research Conference brings together representatives from industry, research and academia to present the current studies that will guide the future of 3D.

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NOTE: Presentations from the 2011 Joint Conference on Theoretical and Clinical Optometry, which overlaps with the Vision Performance Institute Research Conference, will also be listed on this site.

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