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Bid to rid shelves of billy goat tale betides ill for other stories

28 June 1984


Jim Hill tells his opinion of the attempted banning of The Three Billy Goats Gruff in the Eagle Point School System. Hill gives a brief telling of the fairy tale and says that the reason for the complaint was the use of violence in the story. A meeting was held and the parents were invited to attend, but they declined. The committee recommended keeping the book as it showed that even the smallest billy goat could use his head to get out of danger. Hill mentions that this view carried the day, but it could have been really serious. He then explains how violence is used in several other famous fairy tales: Hansel and Gretal, The Three Little Pigs, Gingerbread Man, etc. Hill then states that violence is a part of life and pulling fairy tales of shelves is unlikely to change the world much.


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