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Intellectual Freedom News

Libraries crucial for a free society

12 April 1989


In this article for National Library Week, the author writes about the Newberg Public Library. The author gives a summary of how libraries are the foundation of informational freedom. The Newberg library is described and detail is given to the staff and volunteers who work there. Mention is made of “The Satanic Verses” and how this not an easy time for libraries or librarians. The Newberg library is unable to meet the recommendations of the OLA due to budget cuts and the library is also understaffed. The library has 24,000 hardcover books and the OLA recommends that for a service area of Newberg the library should have 40,000 hardcover books. There should also be 7.5 professional librarians instead of the 3.5 who are currently employed. The author ends by saying to have some patience when library lines are long because the librarians and volunteers are doing the best that they can under these difficult circumstances.


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