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Book removals stir Philomath

24 May 1984


One book has been removed from the Philomath Middle School Library and another one may be removed at a future meeting. The book “Visions of the Future: Magic Boards” was removed because it was badly written, not because of its subject matter. Jack Kempees started the protest after his daughter brought home three books from the school library. He has dropped his complaint against one of them. In a letter to the advisory panel, Kempees said that the presence of the books in the school means that the school sanctions the occult and that is not desirable for the image of the community. Mason and Lee Edwards, school superintendent, think the book “On Reading Palms” is suitable for young teenagers. Mason said that having these books in the library does not mean that the school endorses occult practices. Edwards said that the district should be exposing students to different ideas and points of view, however he might have a different view if it was required reading.


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