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Celebrating Publication and Authorship at Pacific University

1 January 2016


Every year the Pacific University Library plans Celebrations on two of its campuses to honor all faculty, staff, and students who have published anything, like a book, book chapter, or article, in the past calendar year. The goal of the Pacific Authors Celebration is to acknowledge the published scholarly successes of those affiliated with Pacific and to create awareness of Common Knowledge (Pacific’s IR) as well as the newly-founded Pacific University Press. This year marked the 17th anniversary of the Celebration, which traditionally includes a campus-wide gathering where food/drinks are served, people are invited to give brief lightning talks about their research, and articles/books are available to read. This year the effort was expanded to include a month-long exhibit at the Forest Grove Library and a display at the Hillsboro Campus Library that also remained on display for a month.

This talk will briefly discuss the history of the Celebration and the methods used to gather publication information. The majority of the time will be used to describe the logistics of creating an exhibit/display centered on publishing in general and in IR’s in particular--since print-outs of academic articles do not necessarily lend themselves to an aesthetically pleasing display that also allows them to be easily read. Plans for future Celebrations (expanding displays to include ebooks, denoting open access materials, incorporating altmetrics, and using QR codes) will also be discussed.


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