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Gunnar Optiks Study: Electromyography and Tear Volume (2008)

1 January 2008


A second study of 38 subjects, ages 22-62, was conducted to study the difference between Gunnar Optiks computer spectacles and control glasses with small changes in base curve or tint. The two control pairs of eyeglasses were in similar frames, and both sets of lenses were made of similar resin with antireflective coating. One control pair had gray-tinted lenses were made with the same optical power as the Gunnar Optiks design. The other had the same yellow tint, but a flatter base curve and face form than the Gunnar design. Under stressful conditions of glare and dry air induced by a fan, electromyography of the eyelid to quantify squinting and blinking, tear volume measurement using Zone Quick phenol red thread, and subjective symptoms experienced with each type of glasses were made. Statistical analysis revealed no significant difference between the Gunnar Optiks design and the control glasses under these conditions.


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