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Assessment Report on the Effectiveness of the Youth Game Camp Prototype

1 January 2014



Pixel Arts personnel articulated the following as their outcome goals for the youth game camp. The evidence reported suggests that these goals were met.

1. Creation of a multi-generational, productive, and fun learning environment where youth are comfortable seeking help and support in a variety of ways

2. Creation of a learning environment that fosters positive achievement motivation and academic self confidence

3. Learning enabled through free choice (on the part of the learners) and expert instruction

4. Learning in a safe environment, where mistakes are made but interpreted as teachable moments (i.e. implementation of the mindset of “failing forward”)

5. Creation of an environment where youths’ love for games and gaming translates into opportunities for fostering STEM educational initiatives

6. Provision of a meaningful learning experience for youth who are likely (for socio-economic and/or regional reasons) to have limited opportunities for rich STEM educational experiences.

Program evaluation


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