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CB library board to keep Playboy

11 October 1984


Playboy will stay at Coos Bay Public Library. After three hours of mixed statements with an audience of around 120 people the board voted unanimously to keep Playboy in the Coos Bay Library. Sanderson of People Opposed to Pornography began the session by asking board members if they had read the magazine. The board members responded with replies ranging from no to every once in a while. Sanderson then tried displaying images from the magazine to the board to show that the magazine is pornographic in nature. Ralph Morh, board member, asked if Sanderson had ever read the magazine. Sanderson responded saying that he didn’t read every article. The meeting continued with Sanderson pushing the board and Mohr eventually told Sanderson to stop flashing the magazines pictures around. When asked what was bothering him Mohr replied that nothing was bothering him, it was the manner of which Sanderson was presenting his argument. After Sanderson sat down a petition for removal was shown that had 249 signatures. The article ends with Mohr stating that Playboy is not the problem, but censorship. He said that while some things in the magazine are objectionable, it is not so to have it in the library.


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