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1 January 2011


BrightIdeas is a random prompt generator. Shuffle through text prompts, images, or both. Push yourself with the random timer.

BrightIdeas is highly customizable allowing the user to change just about every feature such as: add or remove prompts, directories, font, colors, icons, and other settings. End-user control allows for greater flexibility. BrightIdeas is robust in its simplicity which makes it perfect for anyone who needs a text and image randomizer.


  • open source and free
  • lightweight and portable
  • simple and easy to use
  • interface is fully customizable, able to change:
    • font type, font size, background color, icons, and etc
    • single or multiple windows (WindowsMode off and on)
    • size of individual windows with WindowsMode turned on
  • many configurable options:
    • minimum and maximum number minutes for countdown timer
    • location of images
  • automatic change detection of prompts
  • settings changes are immediate
  • auto replace missing folders
  • auto replace missing icons
  • auto replace missing settings
  • images scale to size of window
  • controls stay on top when in WindowsMode
  • support multiple image formats
  • support images in subdirectories
  • enable/disable cropping of images to fit size of window
  • can save as multiple text formats
  • can browse to program directory without leaving program

Design Note:

The BrightIdeas concept was designed by Michael Farris (Pacific University).


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