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Distribution of Forest Grove paper halted

28 February 1990


The student newspaper at Forest Grove High School was denied publication by the principal after he saw a bar graph that depicted how sexually active the student body is. Bob Schlegel, principal, stated that the graph did not apply to what was covered in the article it was linked to. The student advisor first saw the graph and was concerned about the issue and showed a copy to the principal. The principal locked up all 1500 copies of the newspaper and then took a class period and an additional 30 minutes to explain why he stopped publication. Student graphic designer Jeff Evey said that the newspaper has addressed the topics of alcohol and tobacco use, and that the point of the issue is so that students can talk about it. Schlegel said that he wasn’t sure of the accuracy of the graph and explained that for a story different sources of information need to be used. The article the graph was linked to had no statistics on sexually active students and the graph did not define sexually active in any way.


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