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Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp

1 January 2010


The mission of Kiwanis Camp is: to provide excellence in outdoor experiences to individuals with disabilities, educational opportunities for students pursuing human service careers and facilitates personal growth and inclusion of all participants.

Working with Kiwanis Camp staff, Occupational Therapy students completed a needs assessment and developed a program proposal for OT students’ involvement in Kiwanis Camp. The vision for this plan integrates adaptation, task analysis, and program modifications to enhance campers’ participation and enjoyment of camp as well as teaching some basic sensory techniques to staff and counselors. In addition, there is a vision for OT students working on an ongoing basis through a fieldwork rotation and continuing the Innovative Practice Project.

This project involved primarily planning and coordinating of program development for a new fieldwork site. The following summarizes the main meetings and developments of the project; there were many email exchanges and phone calls in between the meetings to establish and clarify various aspects. These communications are summarized below and in the products of the IPP.


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