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Revisionist display may alter policy at library

18 April 1985


Corvallis Public Library administrators are spending National Library Week debating whether to allow a local man to use the main display case to show books and other materials about revisionist history. The books that Masker wants to display challenge whether the Holocaust ever happened. According to Masker Kay Salmon, the head librarian, gave him permission to mount his display but later told him that the library staff needed more time to decide on the matter. Salmon and his supervisors have spent most of their usual meetings discussion Masker’s display without reaching any decisions. They plan to take it up with the head librarian, Martin Stephenson, but until then Masker says that he will be at the library on May 1 to set up his display. Masker says the California-based Institute for Historical Review is a legit organization and said that if you are going to have a display case open to the public then you can’t discriminate as to who uses it. The library policy prohibits the display of posters of religious or political nature inside the library, but the policy doesn’t say anything about the display case other than exhibits “shall be of general community interest, preferably having some educational or cultural value.” Before next week’s meeting the library plans to contact the ALA and other libraries in Oregon to discuss the issue.


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