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End Playboy philosophy

14 December 1984


In this review of the opinion piece that appeared in The Oregonian the author looks at why Jim Healy says that Playboy should not be censored for its content, but for its philosophy. Jim Healy says that Playboy is easy to look at, that it is fashionable and fun, but at whose expense is it fun? Healy says that Playboy treats women as playthings and men who accept that attitude demean themselves. The article says that if Healy were the decision maker he would include Playboy even though he is disappointed in the magazine. The choice to keep the magazine is the seemingly the right decision for our culture at the time. The article ends with a question of how do we rid our society of the attitude that he dislikes? The author answers not by censorship, however admitting that is a step in the right direction.


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