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Nyssa school board puts book on 'restriction'

15 February 1985


The Nyssa School Board placed the book “Then Again Maybe I Won’t” on the school restricted reserve shelf in the junior high library. A review board handled the complaint of a parent who felt the book wasn’t appropriate for junior high students. The committee said it didn’t want to single the book out and end up placing it in a special place. Only by word of mouth do students know which books are restricted until the librarian tells them when they are checking that book out. Books that are restricted need a parent’s approval before check out. Ontario High School avoids the problem of complaints by only ordering from the ALA book list. All books that are ordered for the library are read before being put on shelves, and some are sent back to the publisher. Books that are on the required reading list that are challenged may end up being moved to the supplemental list instead. A school official said that the matter was not so much the students being unable to handle the material, it was more the parents couldn’t handle the books.


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