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Sandy library forms videocassette standard

23 November 1986


The Sandy Public Library changed its policy on what videocassettes will be added to the growing collection. The board met and agreed to review the policy that allows a three day checkout period after objections from local video store owners that it was too long. The new guidelines will only apply to videos and won’t change the policies for books, magazines, records, or tapes. The video store owners also are concerned with the current collection of 79 videos at the library. Some suggested that the library only collect educational and instructional videos, but there was agreement that some classics are also educational. The new guidelines say that to purchase a new video it must stand the test of time as relevant reference or educational resource, or it must be a major work. An example is that Treasure Island will remain in circulation, but a popular video Revenge of the Nerds would be excluded. The library board will be meeting with the librarian to review the current collection to see what should be retained.


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