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Equity & Inclusion: Diversifying Faculty & Staff

27 January 2018


Higher Education in the United States has continued to evolve around access, opportunity, and development in rapid ways, especially post-World War II. By the 1960’s, coupled with the Civil Rights Movements, Community Colleges and Universities were developing systems to begin efforts in access and opportunities for underrepresented groups, mostly around gender and race. Over time student populations have grown in diversity and the further development of Student Affairs has provided stronger support around equity for students to help with the success of their overall educational goals. Though we have seen increased diversity in our student populations over the last 100 years, the rate of diversity of faculty and staff within Higher Education remains disproportionate in comparison to students. This presentation is the beginning of exploring and building upon past research and now asking question, "How does an educational institution recruit and retain faculty and staff of color, specifically within Community Colleges?"


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