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Preparing the Dental Workforce for Emerging Roles

26 January 2019


Coordinated healthcare, defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, is the deliberate organization of patient care by way of sharing information among the entire healthcare system as a means to accomplish the right care, right place, and time for the patient (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2018). Uncoordinated care on a broad level causes provider and patient dissatisfaction, poor quality of care, and higher costs. While literature is extant for medical care, very little literature exists within the profession of dentistry. Quality studies using validated theoretical models are ripe for exploration in dentistry. One large accountable care dental practice has designed a coordinator-based role within the organization called the dental care advocate, replacing the traditional receptionist role. This role is designed to coordinate the care of the patient, and strengthen care recommendations provided by the licensed care providers, instigating a need to discern: What do we know about the satisfaction and effectiveness of the Dental Care Advocate and their integration into the dental care team? Study findings will be useful as a basis for quality improvement strategies for the dental organization.


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