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Obscenity said rare at library

23 February 1989


The Hillsboro Public Library does not have complaints very often about the materials that the library holds. The director, Debra Brody, thinks this is because of the library’s selection process and that they take a long look at what books they are considering adding to the collection. The county board was preparing to new procedure rules for the library board when County commissioner John Meek objected to the ALA documents. He said that he is worried that libraries will start distributing pornography because the ALA bill of rights and freedom to read documents do not specifically condemn pornography. Eva Killpack, Commissioner, says that while the documents may not say libraries are going to distribute pornography, she says that they don’t say that they will do anything about them either. The article then describes the process that the library takes when a complaint is made against something in the libraries holdings.


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