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Resident Assistant hiring models: Which application markers and processes indicate later success in the job?

27 January 2018


I looked at research in the hiring practices for student staff (commonly known as Resident Assistants or RAs) within Residence Life and Housing departments in higher education and the student staff members’ success on the job. I searched for articles and research around RA hiring models, efficacy of RA hiring methods, other hiring models within Student Affairs in higher education, and hiring practices outside education. I searched various peer reviewed databases and read dissertations published online. I had hoped to find more research and more recent research (much was from 1960-80s) than I did, which led me to look at practices outside higher education as well. I found research that did not include much long-term analysis. Much of the research did not find any correlation between various hiring metrics and RA success on the job. A few linked GPA and/or the interview with success on the job. Craig (2014) noted that there were too few unsuccessful RAs (those who quit or were terminated) to differentiate from the successful RAs which might also be true of other studies I found. No studies were retrospective in nature, looking at unsuccessful or low performing RAs and high performing RAs and compared their applications.


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