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Anti-porn spokesman hails CB action

6 November 1984


Coos Bay City Council voted to ask the library board to ban minors from reading Playboy magazine. 60 residents were present for the meeting. Members of the council said it would be difficult to defend the magazine and several believe that the magazine doesn’t belong in the library at all. Sanderson said that this is a victory for his group and said that People Opposing Pornography should be satisfied by minors not being able to access the magazine. Ralph Mohr said that this isn’t a reasonable compromise, it isn’t an issue of reason it is an issue of emotion. Jean Bradford said that if the library board honors the request of the POP then it would have to honor other censorship requests as well. Thomas Fuller said that if you censor one item then where does it stop? City Attorney Paula Bechtold said the city council has no authority to tell the library to remove an item from its shelves. Library Director Carol Ventgen said the issue will come before the library board at their next meeting.


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