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Effectiveness of Mind Body Interventions for Adults with Chronic Pain

1 January 2009


Chronic pain can have a devastating effect on clients, leading It is critical that we utilize interventions which allow chronic pain clients to cope. Thus far, meditation among several other mind-body interventions are a clinician’s most proven intervention but no one treatment has been established as the best practice. We still need to know which intervention works with which client, and what length of treatment duration creates an effect. It is also important to capture the right outcome, for example, if quality of life is improved and functional limitation reduced, consider that a successful intervention regardless of the pain scale. If the intervention is safe and feasible and leads to increased function, and if it is for the overall “greater good” of the individual experiencing the pain, it may be worth the cost of treatment.
What is the evidence for the effect of non-pharmaceutical mind-body interventions on chronic pain in adults?


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