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North Marion book ban sought

9 January 1985


North Marion Elementary School is the site of two book challenges. The first is for the book “A Spooky Story” by Bill Martin Jr. Parent Donna Mengus says that the story is too scary for children to be reading. A committee has been formed that will look at the story and decide if it should stay on the libraries shelves. Librarian Faye Richardson said that this book is part of a ten volume set that has been used extensively by children in the first and second grades. The second book that is up for review is called “I Am Joseph” by Barbara Cohn. Parent Sandra Trussell said that the book was biblically inaccurate and contented sensual drawings. Trussell said that the nakedness and retelling of the story is not exactly as the Bible intended it. She also believes that the story is not intended for children because they do not understand these things yet. Superintendant Bruce Rafn said that the school has a policy for dealing with complaints. The committees have five weeks to decide on what to do with both books. Opposite of the article is a printing of the entire text of “A Spooky Story”.


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