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Couple wants 'Mice and Men' off school shelf

25 February 1984


Robert and Celesta Rosen both voice their concerns about the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’. According to the couple the book has too much profanity and an attitude that is that is degrading to one of the main characters in the book. The Literature Review Committee recommends that the book stay on the shelves despite the couple’s protests. The complaint will be dealt with by the board at its February 27th meeting. John DeWitt, teacher of the English class that read the book, said it wouldn’t be on his reading list if he thought it wasn’t appropriate. He said a lot of it depends on how the reader interprets the story. DeWitt also states that most students are mature enough to realize that’s the way life is, not that it should be. Wilrose Drake, Literature Review Committee member, agrees with DeWitt and recommended that the book remain on the shelves of the school library.


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