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Simulating a Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Meeting as a Capstone for a Course in Drug Policy

1 January 2008


Objectives: Describe the use of a Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee meeting as an innovative way to facilitate application of classroom topics in drug policy. Process: A course in Advanced Literature Evaluation & Drug Policy is taught to all students in their second professional year of a 3-year Doctor of Pharmacy program. This course is provided as 36-contact hours in a modified block curriculum. Throughout this course, students were assigned group projects that included preparation of drug monographs, clinical algorithms/pathways, and quality assurance reports of adverse drug reactions and medication errors. On the last day of this course, a P&T meeting was simulated. An agenda was published on the morning of the meeting that assigned specific groups to present one of their projects as an agenda item. Student groups were then given an additional hour to prepare a presentation to the P&T committee members, whose roles were played by Pharmacy Practice faculty. A classroom discussion relating to observations of the P&T Committee meeting was used as post-activity closure. Results: Course surveys indicated a high level of enjoyment with this activity. Faculty observations suggest that students have a better understanding of how their drug policy assignments actually would be applied in practice. Implications: The use of a simulated P&T Committee meeting as a course capstone may be a useful activity in facilitating learning and application of drug policy topics. Future assessment will help to determine whether this type of teaching technique improves learning and retention of topical knowledge and skills retention.


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