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How the eyes work in viewing S3D

6 June 2012


How to set the camera settings

  • Primary camera settings
  • Length of lens (e.g. 35, 50, 135 mm etc.
  • Inter-axial (IA) distance
  • Convergence angle
  • Disparity budget
  • A key underlying parameter is the disparity budget

Setting the cameras for S3D

  • Early decisions that become a constant for remainder of the scene.
  • Focal length of the lens
  • Wide angle, normal, telephoto
  • The far and near scene depths to capture


  • Determine the disparity budget %
  • This establishes the IA setting
  • Determine the CA

2 Primary Camera Settings

Inter-Axial (IA) distance

  • Directly determined by chosen disparity budget
  • Affects perceived depth: audience discomfort ratio


  • Affects the ocular convergence:divergence requirements of the scene
  • Affects audience discomfort


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