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Practitioners’ use and perceptions of personality disorder knowledge in practice and teaching

1 January 2010


Personality disorders (PDs) are pervasive and affect patients with psychiatric illnesses. While difficult to treat with pharmacotherapy, compared to Axis I disorders(e.g. depression, schizophrenia), Axis II disorders may impact the manner in which patients are clinically approached. It may behoove faculty teaching psychopharmacotherapy to integrate PDs into their teaching. Prior work by Cates et al. showed personality disorders are not commonly discussed in pharmacy curricula. As a clinician with experience in psychiatric pharmacy, I felt knowledge of PDs was crucial to my practice and enriched my interactions with patients and professionals. As a professor of psychopharmacotherapy, I integrated PDs into every lecture using active learning methods (e.g. case-based vignettes, student reflection papers). I feel our students benefitted from this integration. This study will present specialists’ perceptions regarding the useof PD knowledge in practice and/or teaching. Results will help determine if PDs should be a greater part of didactic, pre-APPE Doctor of Pharmacy education.


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