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Book banning stifles learning process

23 April 1986


Tony Kneidek writes about the book challenges at the Reynolds School Districts. He says that we cannot protect children from horrible events in life anymore than we can deny the existence of these events. The book challenges come from parent La Rae Hickman and the complaints she gives are profanity, mercy killing, violence, devaluing human life, and the generation gap being normal. In another interview Hickman complained that that schools needed to promote family values. Kneidek says that if our society had a single set of family values this would make sense, however our society is not made up of just one type of family. He says that in the real world not all dads’ work and not all moms’ cook and clean. He further says that high school kids may know more about the real world than parents would want them to know. Classic Literature can help students to understand their world better and can give them advice as to how to deal with issues that come up in their lives. Kneidek ends by saying that more lessons are learned by exploring different views that make up the world that we all live in.


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