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Building a Foundation for Continued Partnership: Occupational Therapy at Youth Progress

1 January 2013


In the Portland-metro area there are a variety of services available for at risk youth, or youth returning to the community following involvement with the correctional system. These programs can range from drop in clinics to residential treatment facilities. Youth Progress is one of the programs designed to provide support for at risk youth. Youth Progress serves youth between the ages of 15 and 24 who have been referred to the program by Oregon Youth Authority or Oregon Department of Human Services. This program provides alternative education to aid young people in obtaining their high school diploma or a GED, job skill development and placement, as well as support in the development of living skills.

The proposed program is to develop a partnership between Pacific University School of Occupational Therapy and Youth Progress to integrate occupational therapy services into Youth Progress’ current programming. Areas of potential occupational therapy intervention were identified and include environmental assessment and modification, potential group intervention for community living skills, and individualized job assessment and treatment.

Data collection were completed through a literature review of research relating to treatment for at risk youth which included occupational therapy, vocational rehab, and social work based interventions. In addition, conversations with Youth Progress staff, evaluation of Youth Progress clients, and discussion with the program director of Pacific University’s School of Occupational Therapy were conducted. A partnership between Pacific University School of Occupational Therapy and Youth Progress would provide Pacific University students with the opportunity to work with at risk youth in a supportive environment. Clients receiving services at Youth Progress would also benefit by receiving occupational therapy services. This partnership would increase the depth and variety of services that are available at Youth Progress.


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