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A Needs Assessment: Developing a Theatre Workshop using the Converge Model and EASA Members

1 January 2014


Converge at Pacific is a community based practice project that aims to support access to a higher education for mental health consumers. Due to overarching stigma that surrounds mental illness, and minimal support that is generally available to mental health consumers, access to educational opportunities is limited. To counteract this, the Converge model was designed to normalize the educational experience for those living with a mental illness. This model has been used as a foundation for a variety of arts classes that are offered to mental health consumers and has been proven to be successful. With this in mind, our team plans to achieve our goal by applying this model to the development of a theatre workshop, which will be offered to mental health consumers that are affiliated with our partner organization called Early Assessment And Support Alliance (EASA). Since members of EASA are between the ages of 15 to 25, our goal is to provide them access to education to support them in restoring their typical life trajectories.


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