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Use of Mitigated Meadows by Resident Elk (Cervus Elaphus Roosevelt) at Hagg Lake, Washington County, Oregon: Date from 2006-2010

16 November 2010


Henry Hagg Lake was created in 1975 when Scoggins Dam was constructed. As a result meadows that had been used by resident elk for forage during the winter months were flooded. The loss of these meadows was mitigated by construction of new meadows (n = 10) above the new water level. The meadows vary in size (from 3.5 acres to 29.5 acres), proximity to the paved road that surrounds the lake, solar exposure and composition and state of vegetation (from a mowed mix of non-native and unpalatable species to recently disked and planted with non-noxious grasses and clovers). Each meadow was sampled for elk scat using plot and transect methods every two weeks from October through February in 2006/7, 2007/8, 2008/9 and 2009/10. Patterns of meadow use have been fairly consistent over these four sampling seasons and we will describe and offer explanations for those patterns.


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