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Library's decision on display is understandable but wrong

22 April 1985


In this article the author while understanding the libraries decision, feels that the decision was ultimately wrong. The author says that this issue tugged at both the heart and mind and that the library went with its heart when they decided to not allow the display. The request came from Richard Masker who is a supporter of the Institute for Historical Review. The institute’s main ambition is to prove that the Nazi’s did not murder 6 million Jews during World War 2. The author says that the institutes work offends every American who fought to free Europe; however he says that it is also offensive for the library to think that the people of Benton County cannot reach their own judgments. The author says there is greater danger in suppressing offensive ideas than exposing them. The author thinks that it would be wrong to criticize the library strongly for the decision because they do have a legitimate fear about setting precedents and disturbing patrons.


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