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Blithe Spirit' criticism achieved opposite effect

4 December 1989


In this letter to the editor, Reis K. Kash addresses previous letters that criticize the play ‘Blithe Spirit’ that is being performed by Thurston High School. Kash explains that this letter is also in defense of the English teacher Elizabeth Rogers-Wallace and how she is a great teacher of the students at Thurston. A history of how the play came into existence is written out and explains that it was a comedy written in 1941 to amuse Britons who had become war torn. Kash then says that as a Christian parent she supports the theater and knows that Rogers-Wallace is very careful in choosing what will be performed as plays. The effect of the critiscim on the play has turned out to be positive Kash remarks. Attendance for the play was larger than it has been for other performances because attendees are coming from surrounding communities to support the play and the theater program. Kash ends by thanking Rogers-Wallace for her hard work and says that the play has been a successful production because of it.


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