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Targeted Radiation Therapy Patient Education Session, Utilizing 3-D Simulation, to Decrease Patient Anxiety and Increase Compliance

27 January 2018


Radiation therapy often causes anxiety for patients and their families, and targeted patient education can potentially decrease anxiety and increase compliance. The introduction of a targeted patient education session within the radiation oncology patient process, prior to the start of treatment, in the form of a patient education session provided by a radiation therapist can potentially decrease patient anxiety, and increase patient compliance. The targeted education session includes an introduction to radiation therapy and the interprofessional team, and the utilization of a 3-D simulation tool to provide an audio and visual experience of what to expect with radiation treatment.

Studies from the UK, Denmark and Australia have shown the benefit of an additional educational session utilizing a 3-D simulation tool, for patients with prostate cancer. We recently implemented a patient education session for every patient with prostate cancer at OHSU Tuality Cancer Center, and have received positive feedback from patients thus far. We plan to continue with other patient groups.

The sarcoma patient group could benefit greatly from an additional targeted education session, utilizing a 3-D tool. This group has not been included in previous studies and it is expected that patient anxiety will decrease, and treatment compliance will increase. An informal assessment of a session was completed in October 2017, with twenty patients from the sarcoma group. The feedback received identified a gap in patient education for this group, with regards to radiation therapy.


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