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Khomeini exposes absurdity

18 February 1989


In this reaction opinion piece, the author gives a short history on the issued death order for the author of “The Satanic Verses”. The author then says that the order to kill the author for insults to Mohammed is so peculiar that no one would have believed it if news of death squads were not headed to Great Britain. In seeing the irrationality of this death order, the author says that in the same light is the absurdity of our own attempts to censor our own ideas. The author then gives various current examples of a Supreme Court judge, Robert Bork, being nominated even though he wrote things that went against some people’s views. The author says that while we may wish that if we try and rewrite history and literature to today’s standards then where will we stop? The article ends with him saying that Khomeini is crazy enough to help us judge ourselves.


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