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Libraries are POP target

27 September 1984


People Opposed to Pornography has come not just to Coos Bay, but to North Bend Public Library as well. Coos Bay has been asked to remove Playboy from circulation, while North Bend has been asked to remove two books that are aimed at teens. The two books are “Breaking Up” and “Mom I’m Pregnant”. The former deals with divorce and the complaint against the book is that in one section it deals with lesbianism. Both library boards subscribe to the library bill of rights and feel that this issue is a first amendment rights issue under the constitution. In both libraries the selection process selects items that are acceptable publications by a broad range of reviewers. The libraries also follow the American Library Association policies on children’s access. Ventgen said that the librarians are not parents and we do not discriminate because of age. It is up to the parents to make decisions on the child’s reading, not the public institution. The article ends with a summary of other titles in the United States that have been challenged or banned in 1983-1984.


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